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About Sponsorship


The CISO Executive Network achieves its mission primarily through its partnerships with industry-leading firms that have products and services that help make the CISO's job more effective.  Those partnerships come through the form of sponsorships for events.  Sponsors receive a range of benefits depending on their sponsorship level.

Here's what one of our members has to say,

“Participating in the CISO Executive Network has introduced me to vendors and consultants that I have not previously known.  I have consequently and successfully engaged multiple vendors and consultants through these introductions to implement solutions meeting my organization’s most urgent security needs.”  Matt Tolbert, BNY Mellon

The goal of our partnership with industry-leading firms is to provide our members with the very latest news on technologies and best practices.  Our members appreciate the exposure to updated information and hearing from experts that provide case studies of lessons they have learned from other clients.

One of the key benefits of partnership with the CISO Executive Network is the level of intimate exposure to the most senior decision makers from our member firms.  Our sponsor partners continually comment on the quality of our attendees and the amount of intimate dialogue they experience at our events.

Participating in CISO Executive Network events as a sponsor has always generated new sales for me.  The attendance is "C" level so the contacts/leads are the decision makers or policy makers. Participating in their events shortens my sales cycle. I stick with what works for me and CISO Executive Network events work. Bob Johnsen, Major Account Manager, Fortinet

This was a perfect event. No over-the-top Oracle Sales pitch. But, a very effective presentation and discussion with a significant number of high value contacts at a business level within accounts we are seeking to reach higher levels. All were very happy to arrange follow-up meetings, which is a great sign. Senior Account Executive, Oracle

For our Executive Roundtable Breakfast events sponsors generally get the opportunity to speak to our members on the topic of the event and tell how they have been solving the problem or challenge with their clients.  They also get time on our discussion panel when members can ask them questions and interact on a more personal level.

Our regional events are larger, but still more intimate with a very high quality, interested audience.  Finally, our dinner events provide very intimate access to our members in a more casual, relaxed atmosphere.

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