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Why Join?

Why Join the CISO Executive Network?

Thanks for your interest in CISO Executive Network., Here are answers to the most common questions we hear from CISOs considering membership:

·      Why should I join CISO Executive Network?

·      Why is this network different from the others?

·      Will participating in CISO Executive Network be a good use of my time?

Why should I join CISO Executive Network?

The key benefit to  joining CISO Executive Network is the peer-to-peer interaction, shared learning, and problem solving that takes place in our intimate half-day breakfast roundtables.  Our Executive Member Breakfast Roundtables bring together members six times a year in each of our chapter cities across North America.  These half-day breakfast roundtables focus on different relevant topics picked by our Advisory Council members.  We are a membership driven organization that thrives through engaged members.  In addition to our breakfast roundtables, we offer Lunchtime Webinars on critical topics regularly throughout the year.  We also host a Healthcare Information Security Summit each November that is open to all members.  Finally, we have a members-only LinkedIn Discussion Group where members share best practices on emergent issues.

Why is CISO Executive Network different from other events?

1.  We are a membership organization, not an events company:  Our Founder, Bill Sieglein, was in a CISO role when he started breakfast meetings in Baltimore, Maryland so that he could network and share information freely with his peers.  Bill was seeking senior level peers with whom he could converse about data security and privacy.  He realized the only way to keep abreast of current developments, both from the bad guys and industry experts, was to learn from his peers.  So, he brought other CISOs together.  CISOs in other cities heard about these breakfast meetings and requested a similar forum.  As a result, new Chapters were added.  Since then, we have continually grown by word of mouth as more CISOs have heard about what we do. 

2.  Consistency and Depth:  We meet six times per year in each Chapter to go deep on a single key topic.  Our topics are picked every year by our Advisory Council members, assuring members that we are addressing the most critical and timely topics.

3.  Professional Moderation:  Each of our roundtables is professionally moderated by Founder Bill Sieglein or General Manager Andy Land, who are both subject matter experts in security.  Bill or Andy, and often our CEO Tim Satterfield, are present at every Chapter meeting.  There is a consistency to the tenor and depth of presentation, creating a consistent experience that helps each Chapter strengthen over the years. We work with our Chapter members to really explore the problems and walk away with real ideas/solutions. 

Will CISO Executive Network be a good use of my time?

Our members tell our story best:

"I get invited to many industry events and I'm selective about which events and organizations in which I agree to participate.  I specifically joined the CISO Executive Network and participate in their member events because I find them to be a valuable use of my time.  It is important for me to periodically meet with my peers to share with them and learn from them.  I recommend that other CISOs join this network." - Mark Morrison, SVP, CISO, The Options Clearing Corporation

“I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I'm a huge fan.  I think you have a unique perspective in what is happening in the CISO world by virtue of the conversations you are having around the country.   Of course, there are plenty of groups (for profit, non-profit) that bring CISO's together.   The differentiator that I see is you-  your insight, thoughtfulness and energy in drawing out the key conversations and making key connections.  On top of that, I see you working to lift up members when they are in transition and trying to help them get on their feet.” -Joshua Beeman, Executive Director of Information Security & University Information Security Officer, University of Pennsylvania*

*This quote represents the sentiments of Joshua Beeman only and not those of the University of Pennsylvania

If you are interested in joining, check our Membership Criteria, then complete our registration.